Its main focus becomes the design of systems that promote energy efficiency mainly using clean sources as the wind and Sun.
During the past 17 years it has integrated its projects carried out with State and municipal governments, industrial, commercial and residential, have made to grow the company with the experience and ability required to serve clients of any size and demand.
We have all the engineering and technological innovation which allow to develop integrated projects to large scale, providing great benefits to you.

Luminarias Solares All in One.
Luminarias Solares All in One Mini.
Luminarias Solares Tradicionales.
Alumbrado Industrial Led y Tradicional.
Alumbrado Público Led y Tradicional.
Alumbrado Comercial Led y Tradicional .
Mobiliario Urbano.
Instalaciones eléctricas en Alta y Media tensión.
Electricidad mediante Paneles Solares.
Interconexiones a red eléctrica en pequeña, mediana, y gran escala.

Modulos Solares 270w y 320w .56c/Wp

Inversores para Interconexión a Red

Otras marcas en módulos solares

Gran variedad en productos sustentables